MotoGP 20 Game Launched on Stadia gaming platform

The MotoGP 20 Game is launched on its popular Stadia gaming platform with 2 offers. Earlier this Google announced to bring popular MotoGP 20 game to the Stadia gaming platform and now it is available for this platform.

Just in a few days after the announcement of bringing MotoGP 20 game to Stadia platform, Google released this game to its very popular Stadia gaming platform. The MotoGP 20 is available for purchase and interested people can buy it right now.

This game is available for Stadia platform at a cost of $49.99 and it comes with two add-ons which can be purchased at a cost of $4.99 each. The first add-on is named as VIP Multiplier Pack. This doubles the amount of reputations that you develop by playing games and progress through the game. It also doubles the credits that you earn during your gameplay.

The second add-on is known as Historic Pack, which gives four different types of new riders which you can choose while playing the game. This add-on also provides bikers with each rider, which is good for the game lovers and they can play with ease. This pack is a good choice of add-ons if you have a plan to play this game till end. If you are planning to buy one add-ons then consider buying the VIP Multiplier.

The MotoGP 20 is available on the Stadia platform at the standard price, earlier Google was supposed to offer it on the Stadia platform at a higher price than on the other platforms. So, now this game is available at the standard price for the users of Stadia platform.

The MotoGP 20 game is a very popular game and it is available at a standard cost of $49.99; on Steam, PlayStation 4; and now on Stadia it is available at the same cost of $49.99. The users of Stadia platform will also be able to play this game through their desktops or mobile devices.

At the first boot this game allows the user to hop in and create first character. The game comes with pretty nice customization but it is not so extensive. It would be nice if the game developer brings extensive customizations. You will be able to choose from male or female characters to play this game.

It is possible for the user to choose from male or female character for playing the game, but they won’t be able to change the hair style, skin color or any other details of the body or even face. So, this seems little unpleasant feature for the game lovers.

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