Google Maps update for Android rolling out pill-shaped search field

Google is rolling out a new update for its Google Maps application for the Android devices, which brings pill-shaped search fields. Many users are reporting that their Google Maps is not showing pill-shaped search fields. Google is known for introducing cutting edge technologies in their search engine and their applications. Google is using AI and Machine Learning technologies in all their products. Now Google comes back with the new feature in their Google Maps apps for the Android devices.

Google came out with the big revamp for its Google Maps application early this year, now the company came up with the new feature updates bringing tweak into the application for Android users. As per the reports Google Maps for Android is rolling out pill-shaped search fields for many users around the world.

Google is well known for coming out with the well designed application filled with the useful features, which enhances the usability of the application. The current update is a tweak to the application bringing pill-shaped search box for search.

This update removes the search field from the top of Google Maps for Android, which was in a rectangle shape with rounded corners. The rectangle search field on the top was a very old feature with this App, now Google changes this with the pill-shaped search box.

Earlier in February google revamped the bottom bar, where the hamburger menu was removed.

Google Maps is now with the pilled-shaped search bar, which is featuring a four-color pin icon at the left. Google also placed a “Search here” hint for enabling the user to find the search box fast. It also placed a gray microphone icon.

The user’s rounded profile avatar still fits right in at the edge in the Google Maps application for Android. These changes are not appearing in the Android mobile phones. Uses around the world are reporting this new feature in their Android mobile phone.

The new pill-shaped search field is placed in the full search interface which makes searching fast for the user. Google focuses more on the usability of the application and tweaks the application to make it more user friendly.

This is another Google Maps revamp which displays  pill-shaped search box on the Map, while map is displayed on the full screen mode. This update seems to be for better usability of the application. There is no official statement about the Google Maps tweak, while the changed design is fast appearing for the Android users around the world.

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