ASUS to bring NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 GPU powered laptop ProArt StudioBook One with Intel 9th Generation CPU

Asus announces to bring a new laptop ProArt StudioBook One powered with the latest NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 GPU and Intel 9th Generation CPU. The new laptop ProArt StudioBook One is designed to perform like desktop computers and target toward high end laptop users. Asus and NVIDIA is teaming up to bring this powerful GPU based laptop for consumers. The new laptop is said to come with 64GB of RAM and SSD disk. The price of the new laptop is expected to be very high as NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 GPU cost is above $4,000.

Still there is no information about the price of ProArt StudioBook One laptop from Asus. In coming months company may provide pricing details.

With this announcement it is clear that the ASUS is bringing most powerful NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 GPU powered laptop for the consumers in the world.  This laptop will have most powerful graphic processing GPU which will give “desktop-like” performance on the laptop. This laptop is expected to a good choice for machine learning and data science professionals. The GPU powered laptop can be used quickly to test machine learning and deep learning programs with ease.

The new ProArt StudioBook One is considered to be the most powerful modern GPU based laptop and it comes with huge processing power enough to run modern applications requiring GPU for processing.

Previously Quadro RTX 6000 GPU was introduced for the desktop computers by NVIDIA and now this GPU is coming to power Asus modern laptop.

This new GPU based laptop from ASUS will help laptop to handle graphics-heavy tasks such as modern games and casual machine learning tasks. This laptop will be a good choice for modern game lovers where heavy computation is required to render modern games.

There is no official word about the price of new Asus ProArt StudioBook One laptop. But the price could be very high as the price of Quadro RTX desktop GPUs is between $3,600 and $4,000. With this specification the price of this laptop is expected to be high.

Specification of Asus ProArt StudioBook One

The new ProArt StudioBook One laptop from ASUS will have a 9th-gen Intel Core i9 processor and NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 GPU. This laptop will have a 64 GB DDR4 RAM to meet high memory requirement during heavy graphics processing.

Laptop will also come with a 1 TB worth of  NVMe SSD and this SSD offers a much faster storage performance as compared to SATA hard drives. These days fast disk access is required for processing of data and most of the modern laptops are coming with latest SSD drive to meet fast data access requirements.

This new laptop comes with a 90-watt-hour battery, three Thunderbolt 3 ports, and WiFi 5 technology. So, these specifications are really exciting and expected to provide very fast performance.

On the screen side this laptop comes with a 15-inch 4K UHD display with a 120Hz refresh rate. It is considered to be the latest display in the laptop industry.

The Quadro RTX 6000 GPU is very powerful with tons of cores and tensor cores to process data very fast.

According to the reports the new Asus ProArt StudioBook One will have its integrated CPU and GPU in the laptop.

With this announcement ProArt StudioBook One becomes first laptop to have NVIDI GPU. Company is expected to give more details about this new ProArt StudioBook One in coming months, still we don’t have any information about the price and availability date of this laptop.NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 GPU

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