Gaming Brand MSI to unveil ‘Creator 17’ Laptop with Mini-LED display at CES 2020

San Francisco: Leading Gaming Brand MSI on Tuesday announced to unveil world’s first mini-LED based gaming laptop ‘Creator 17’ at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. This new gaming laptop will come with a 17-inch display having a peak brightness of 1,000 nits and mini-LED backlighting. The ‘Creator 17’ Laptop will be the world’s the first laptop to have LED screen

The company is all set to unveil its new MSI Creator 17 Laptop with Mini-LED display powered with CPU/GPU at CES 2020. This laptop will provide a peak of 1,000 nits, which is good for playing games at bright places.

MSI’s ‘Creator 17’ Laptop is the world’s first laptop that is coming with mini-LED display. This Laptop is designed to provide top-notch colour accuracy and visual entertainment experience to the users of this laptop.

As of now the mini-LED technologies have been used in some of the TV brands. The global manufacturing community is shifting production focus to mini-LED based systems. The global market for mini-LED based system is has reached around $1billion worldwide. It is expected to grow at fast face in coming years.

The technology used in the mini-LED enables 240 zones of local dimming control, which delivers vibrant visuals on the screen. This type of monitor gives sharper and more accurate display of objects/images on the screen.

The  ‘Creator 17’ Laptop will provide top class performance using latest CPU and GPU processing power. The games being played on this laptop will be able to use the power of GPU and CPU for best performance. This laptop will include the first Type-C port which is used for outputting 8K image to an external display. So, this Laptop is powerful feature rich for playing games and watching high quality videos.

The  ‘Creator 17’ Laptop will come with the world’s fastest “UHS-III SD card” reader, which provides data access speed of up to 624MB per second. The “UHS-III SD card” provides high speed read access capability which is necessary to read 4K video files.

The Mini LED technology is game-changing technology that comes with a high potential of being used in many electronic displays. Due to the high performance and capability of displaying images at great details this technology is being fast adopted by industry. In the coming years, many electronic devices will be available in market fitted with mini-LED as display screen.

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