Quick Share: Samsung’s Answer to Apple’s Airdrop Arrives in February

As per the reports Samsung is expected to unveil Apple’s AirDrop alternative called ‘Quick Share’ during the release of Galaxy S20 and Z Flip next month. The company has already scheduled and event for the release of Galaxy S20 and Z Flip smartphone on 11 February.

Apple has always been a pioneer in many technologies on the personal software market. So, when the company came out with Airdrop, it was not surprising to anyone that Apple was lead innovation from the front. But as you may expect, other companies like Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi etc. are trying to catch up fast. And now Samsung has come up with its alternative of AirDrop called Quick Share which is expected to launch on February 11th this year. Here are some of the key details of this software as disclosed in reports

The Most Important Facts About Samsung’s Quick Share You Must Know

Quick Share has many key features that will put in competition with AirDrop. For starters, it follows the same idea of enabling sharing with people in the immediate vicinity. Of course, you need to have the software turned on to discover nearby devices and share files with them.

Now, Quick Share also has the ability to block devices in the immediate vicinity aside from leaving your phone open for everyone. This will lend proximity file-sharing abilities to Samsung smartphone users as well as people with SmartThings devices. The data transfer to SmartThings has a data size cap of 1 GB and can be extended up to 2 GB.

As per the reports the company might release this software on February 11th alongside Galaxy S20 and Z Flip smartphone. The feature will be launched alongside the One UI 2.1 and it may be made accessible to older devices sometime later.

Why is Quick Share Significant for the Smartphone Market in 2020?

For a long time now, AirDrop has been one of the only reliable proximity share functions on Android Smartphones. Despite the fact that Android Beam and S-Beam have been around since before AirDrop, their popularity hasn’t come close AirDrop. That is why when Samsung is relaunching a more updated version of S-Beam in Quick Share, the Android OEM will definitely offer a bumped up performance.

The move is also a very important one for Samsung when we consider what the other companies are doing. While Huawei has its own version of Android Beam, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi have their own cross-platform solution in the works. This is a stiff challenge to both Samsung and Apple since cross-platforming opens up many new avenues.

While cross-platforming with other Android devices from Samsung is not in the picture, it does give the company a leg up in the market. The same applies to cross-platform sharing between Android and iOS devices with no updates on any cross-share software under development. Google’s upcoming Fast Share will also complement Quick Share. Also, it will be interesting to see if Quick Share supports no internet transfers like Fast Share can.

With January nearly at an end, Quick Share’s launch date is fast approaching. It will be interesting to see how it performs in comparison to AirDrop. Whether it measures up to Apple’s file-sharing tool, it will no doubt be a benchmark for Android devices moving forward.

The Samsung is releasing Galaxy S20 and Z Flip on 11 February, during the same event company might unveil Quick Share.

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